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Tales of our success

Well done, congrats, break a leg to our following clients

Clifford Hume working alongside Leigh Francis (as Keith Lemon)

Michael Head for his work on Academy films word cup project starring Charles Dance

Stepanie Pezolano for being cast in the new you me bum bum train tour

Good luck to Edward Frost and Adian James for their upcoming pantomime Mother Goose

Daniel Brisco on the shoot of the new Cheryl Cole music video

Sophie Louise Craig stars as Lucy in the new feature film Luckless

Lyndell Harradine - The Great Gastby (feature film)

Sam Walton- Wating for Godot (with Sir Ian Mckellen and Sir Patrick Stewart)

Lynn-Ann Rodgers just finished on set of the Hiscox Corporate video

Clifford Hume and Charlotte Precko - Labrinth New Music Video

Andreas Angelis - Revolution Farm

Rebecca McLintock - E4 Youngers

Helen Bates - Lead role in Cinderella at Embassy Theatre

Barry Newton - Series Regular Off Their Rockers (ITV)

Sophie Rankin - Erica Emmerdale

Clifford Hume, Bobby Mair, Anna-Marlene Wirtz - Misalliance (to five star reviews)

Ian Mannly - The Rob Brydon Show (with Ray Winstone)

Carlotta Sofia - Krystyna (the history of now)

Gareth Turkington- Feature film The Sweeney

Roberta Mair - Light Relief (Ed Fringe)

Stephen Milne and Nicola Mahadeo for their frequent main stream TV presenting Gigs

Drew Tailor - Cake Fight (Papworth commercial)

Clifford Hume - New Transferwise commercial

Mark Zhuang - Vodaphone commercial

Sam Walton - An inspector calls (UK No1 Tour)

Keith Heppenstall - The Sun Commercial

Jack Harding - Lysander, Midsummer night’s dream

Rachel Verkuil - Nike Commercial

Mark Zhaung, Ken Birk, Jon Andre - Carphone Warehouse commercial

Adam Smith - Paddy Power commercial

Jack Harding - Horatio, Hamlet

Daniel Brisco - George Commercial

Tom Frank - Phones4U commercial

Lynne Anne Rodgers - Hiscox Corporate

Elaine Rhodes - Ebex online promo

Daniel Shannon - Assasins Creed 3 Promo

Rebbecca McLintock - Western Union commercial

Sophie Rankin - Lead in Twenty Twenty music video

Lisa Bond- Wink Bingo commercial

Andrea Angelis- Sky Bet commercial

Neil Rodgers and Michael Head's work on Rugby beats commercial

Nansi Nsue- Dixon Photography shoot

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