Worth A Flutter

At the Hope Theatre At the Hope Theatre At the Hope Theatre

Worth A Flutter was LAPA's First professional production and went out at The Red Lion Theatre. A gritty hard hitting comedy set in a cafe in Bermondsey that follows four flawed characters try and find happiness and asses what has lead them to this point. Worth A Flutter is set for it's first full run this May at the Hope theatre, directed by Jonathon Carr, more details and cast will be announced soon.

In life love doesn't always run to the form guideā€¦

4/1 Matt the gambler with a dysfunctional brain, heart and penis. Might need more experience

9/5 Fav. Paige the bookies favourite who is as shallow as she is devious, an obvious choice

20/1 Helen the outsider, a few skeletons in the closet but has experience if past doesn't haunt her

7/2 Sam suffering from a broken marriage and loss but might have enough to take the spoils, safe hands

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